Anyone who sells/serves alcohol should be Tips Certied

Under Dram Shop Liability Laws and Common or General Negligence Laws you could be held legally responsible if someone you served becomes or was intoxicated when they came in and you continued to serve them if this person goes on to incur injury or death to a third party.

The Garrison receiving their Tips Certification Cards

You will come away feeling a better sense of empowerment knowing you have the right "people skills" Tips gives you the Knowledge & Confidence you need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems & effectively intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies

You can help promote responsible drinking

My Mission

 I want to educate as many people who are in the business of selling/serving alcohol with Tips Certification Training, 

Responsible selling & serving of alcohol can protect your employment, your establishments, your customers, and your communtity


Lynette from Queensbury Country Club Wrote:

"Holly makes the Tips training course fun! She is very knowledgeable and uses her own experiences combined with the facts and the law. If you are in any business alcohol related, this class is a must!!!"

"Heather from The Tavern Wrote:

"Holly is very knowledgeable having been in the business for 50 years - she was very personable and professional and I would recommend her TIPS course to anyone seeking to become certified"